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Compassion Cultivation was Emerald Fire Farms Caregiver Brand prior to legalization of Recreational Cannabis
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Growing Fire Cannabis for Michigan & MINNESOTA

Emerald fire farms

The Future of Cannabis

Ready to Harvest Cannabis Plants at Emerald Fire Farms in Coleman, MI

A vertically integrated cannabis industry path paver in the ever expanding Michigan market.

Contemporary Cultivation

Water and Irrigation System at Emerald Fire Farms in Coleman, MI

Using C02 technology ensures high quality cannabis for higher quality results.

State of
the art

Cultivation Technicians Employees at Emerald Fire Farms in Coleman, MI

We began as caregivers and flowered into commercial cannabis cultivators. The years we spent in caregiving taught us what we need to know to bring the best product possible to the people.


Emerald Fire Farms & Provisioning Center is the premiere dispensary for your trips to northern Michigan. Conveniently located off US-10 in Coleman, we are Midland County's #1 spot for all things cannabis.

See our attached grow facility LIVE from the provisioning center lobby!

Our team is committed to growing cutting-edge, new strains every month and we can’t wait for you to try them.

Stop by today & say HIGH! 


Order Online from the Coleman Dispensary NOW: 

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