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Behind our Cultivation

At Emerald Fire Farms, one particular part of our growing method that is less common, is our Ozone Water. We have a system from Advanced Treatment Technologies that creates and pumps a set amount of additional oxygen into our nutrient water to aid in our goal of producing larger yields per harvest. One of the benefits of this machine is that our feed water becomes so full of oxygen that it helps our plants to stay protected from fungus, mold and other harmful bacteria. The ozonated water can also act as a disinfectant for our equipment and is particularly helpful when it comes to our irrigation lines. It works to clear the lines and emitters as the plants are being watered so that there are no built up nutrients. 

All of our plant rooms have LED lighting. LED lights run at a much lower temperature so that’s helpful in keeping our temperatures and humidity in the rooms better controlled. With LED lights we can save on the amount of energy we use, which is more sustainable for the environment. We are able to increase the light intensity using a control panel that is stationed outside of each individual room, without having to move our lights closer or further away from our plants. The main goal of increasing the lighting intensity is to simulate the natural sunshine for the girls. We are really able to push our plants to a higher potential and improve our product this way.

We are lucky to have a fantastic automated watering system, which we can set to water the plants on a schedule that we have created. This allows the plants to never miss a watering if we are not there and allows us to be able to care for them in other ways since we save time on manual watering. This also helps us to be more conservative of our water usage since the plants get a set amount of watering time, and we don’t have to worry about making extra which could result in potential waste.

We started out as caregivers, growing with two rooms in a big barn. We already loved cannabis as users, and enjoyed the many wonders of cultivating these plants. Being able to grow it for people that could benefit from cannabis just made it that much better. Once we were able to go bigger with what we loved to do, we went for it. Being able to have the opportunity to grow cannabis on a larger scale and being able to provide something we love, for people that can use it for benefits to their health and also for those that just love the plant like us, we knew that it just made sense. We pour so much passion and care into what we do here at Emerald Fire Farms, and we hope it’s felt and seen in our products!

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