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About Us

The energy you put into things matters. 

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Who We Are & What We Do


We began as caregivers ten years ago and continue to support caregiver efforts. Through years of trial and error, we’ve reached the pinnacle in our cultivation, which inspired us to share our marijuana with everyone. Enter Emerald Fire Farms, a family-owned and operated business. With each weekly harvest, our plants continue to impress even us at Emerald Fire Farms and anyone else who has the privilege of consuming them. Whether for medical or recreational use, we’re committed to growing the fire you’re looking for.


Plants have a consciousness, just like every other living thing, and they need to be cared for and loved, that’s where we come in. You know the funny people that sing to their plants and tell them they are beautiful….yeah, that’s us.  Along with state-of-the-art nutrients, lighting, hydration, and CO2 technology, our vibe feeds our plant tribe. We believe in encouraging and supporting each plant to grow to its’ fullest potential so you, the consumer, can enjoy the highest quality Cannabis, with the highest quality results.  At Emerald Fire Farms weed is not just weed, we care immensely about our craft and it shows in our product. 


Emerald Fire Provisioning Center is our retail store located in front of our cultivation facility. While we’re committed to sourcing premium quality products from our valued partners in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a vertically integrated cannabis company that sells our own elite-grade products. Each EF employee is cross-trained in both areas of our business, so they can learn and contribute as part of a vertically integrated team. You can even come to watch our girls being nurtured real-time on a live feed while visiting our dispensary.

Emerald Fire Farms & Provisioning Center

Emerald Fire is the provisioning side of Emerald Fire Farms, family-owned cannabis grow facility in Coleman Michigan. & soon to be in Fairmont, Minnesota. At Emerald Fire we are committed to only sourcing quality products from our partners in the industry and as well as retailing our own in-house grown craft-grade cannabis. From the lobby of our provisioning center in Coleman, you can watch our cultivators live in real-time care for our 8 different stains all in different growth stages.


We are harvesting weekly and rotating in new custom genetics that we feel are some of the top in Michigan and Minnesota. As a provisioning company, we cross-train our budtenders not only to work on the retail side but also, have our team cross-trained in our cultivation facility as well to ensure a full understanding of what it takes to grow the highest quality cannabis on the market.

Our Message to You

Quality cannabis is important. Having access to quality cannabis is even more important. Our professional and experienced budtenders are here to make the process seamless by listening, educating, and addressing your individual needs. Each one of our team members receives extensive training on products and customer service because we know both are of the utmost importance. The cannabis market in Michigan has expanded quickly and there are new products hitting the market daily. You may not be in the know on everything out there, but we are! 


Come talk to us at 4980 N Dickenson Road in Coleman, MI and you will see how we are committed to making the middle of the mitten a greener place to be!

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